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Express yourself! Make your own emojis with Frigo® Cheese Heads®, crackers, olives, raisins, grapes, cranberries, almonds... See how many Emo-Cheese you can make!


Round crackers
Frigo® Cheese Heads® String Cheese sticks
Fun, small ingredients, like olives, raisins, grapes, cranberries, almonds, soy nuts and more! Use your imagination — and your pantry!


How are you feeling? Express yourself. Take a small, round cracker and top it with slices of Frigo® Cheese Heads® String Cheese (cut into small pieces to make circles, ovals, etc.) to make eyes and mouths of different expressions.
Almond eyes? Olive eyebrows? Cheese Heads® smile, frown, surprise! Go for it.
Use these photos to inspire you, but use your own imagination!